“I was just telling someone how much I feel like I’ve learned about writing in the past year, and so much of that is attributed to reading your articles and tips. Now if you could just teach me how to date, you’d be an absolute god!”
Mikey Scott, Assistant Guru, lifebyme.com

“Grace, your ability to write about process is exquisite. In a frenetic age, somehow, your reverence for writing as process and practice stills me as a reader, and entices me as a writer. Take it slow. And deep. Yes, that’s truly the cadence my soul wants to open to.”
Erika Harris, The Empathic Writer

“Grace’s writing pops into my inbox and sparkles into my day. Her energy fills me with wonder, delight, and possibility. It’s like having a playdate.”
Adela Rubio, joint venture strategist, coach, and community leader

“What happens every time with your posts, Grace, is that you write exactly the right words at exactly the right moment. Which leads me to believe that you’re not just insightful, but psychic!”
Tracy Gath, web designer/marketing director

“Talking to you is like getting a B12 shot. Full of goodness and energy. I seriously think you could market yourself as a blood pressure lowerer.”
Andrea Ballard, career and life coach

“Grace’s clarity is something I could use a lot more of in my day.”
Deanna Turner, designer

“Grace, you have an absolutely wonderful brain. That it attaches itself to your hand that types out perfect morsels of writing is such a gift for the rest of us. And I just love talking to you. Makes my brain all tingly.”
Samantha Reynolds, founder of Echo Memoirs and bentlily.com

“Thank you, although I feel I cannot thank you enough. I have tremendous respect and admiration for people who are masters of their craft and you are obviously a master at this craft, as a writer and collaborative and supportive editor. It has been very inspiring and educational working with you and you have set me on a very good path.”
John March, musician, teacher, producer, sound mixer, amateur writer

“Grace is a bold writer, but it is the honesty and genuineness of her playfulness that makes her humanity shine through and that touches us.”
Ginny Evans

“Grace embodies and transcends her name. She’s full of power, play, and agile perspectives. Her words always shift and lift me. She is a writer’s writer.”
Erika Harris

“Just wanted to let you know how much fun it is to work with you – like a dance! Thank you thank you!”
Margit Hesthammer, teacher and author

“I had an amazing session with Grace. Man, can she teach, and does she know her stuff. I was really impressed, which is rare for me.”
Lee-Anne Ragan, Rock. Paper. Scissors.

“I could not be happier with my decision to have hired Grace to help me with my first book. I had no idea what I was doing and Grace gently guided me through the process. I immediately felt safe in her hands. The very first suggestion she gave me was extremely helpful. It set me on my path to actually finishing my work. If you want to write a book, Grace is your book guide. Hire Grace! I couldn’t mean this more. She is so awesome.”
Katie McClain, mentor and guide for moms and boys

“I have worked with Grace in many different iterations of our work and ALL of it has been and continues to be one of the most successful and fun and efficient and heart-centered relationships I have ever had. And I am a better and better writer from her work. I love her so very much.”

Sophie Chiche, founder of lifebyme.com

“Let me begin with Grace Kerina, my editor and shepherd, whose kindness, perfectly timed saltiness, and gentle herding techniques helped turn all my wild and bohemian musings into what I daresay is a rawwwther cohesive, cogent, and coherent volume. I feel like I win the lottery every day I get to work with her. There’s nothing more exciting than waking up to an inbox of her notes because she’s been busy in Germany caring for my words and ideas. Most of all, her questions taught me to probe deeper into myself and to love myself on a deeper level.”

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, MD, life coach, shamanic healer
From her book Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans