trading push for pull

An article I’ve written about decision fatigue and going on vacation without leaving home, among other things, was published recently on Maria Hill’s HSP Health website. … Read more

Trying to Be a Person


“”When I first met Don DeLillo, he was making the case that if we ever stop having fiction writers it will mean we’ve given up on the concept of the individual person. We will only be a crowd. And so it seems to me that the writer’s responsibility nowadays is very basic: to continue … Read more

burning morning pages


I have a new friend, Alex, who lives in Berlin. We met through a Barbara Sher connection (she wrote the remarkable book Wishcraft), which gave us initial common ground, but then we discovered that we’re both writers. I love talking with Alex because of his willingness to … Read more

writing with truth serum

"They want me to get marry."

I found a short story on the street here in Germany the other day, handwritten on both sides of a sheet of graph paper. As with other compelling stories, not all questions raised are answered, and the issues explored reach the … Read more

writing with a tender heart

tender seed pods

Coolness can be the enemy of the tender heart. How good it feels to love without being told that our loving is somehow unacceptable or uncool. What if coolness at its best is an unabashed enthusiasm for uncool things? If cool equals what we love, even if others don’t agree or don’t see as we see, then we’re … Read more

our future together

ripples on a pond

Imagine a society that values, above all, your willingness to be yourself. After much research and observation, this society has proven that the biggest boon to society as a whole comes when individuals get happy. So society pays you to … Read more

what i've learned from living in more than 80 places

flying to germany

1. Even the biggest moves are accomplished bit by bit. I’ve lived in more than 14 states. I’ve emigrated. Twice. Including overseas. Every move got done one step at a time.
2. Distance is of no consequence to the heart. My dearest friends live all over the world. We have active current relationships. Physical presence is wonderful, but not … Read more

how to persist

a road sign in a bush

1. Stand still while the world changes.
2. Stop thinking with your mind.
3. Invite your pals to a barnraising.
4. Slow down.
5. Feel your feelings.
6. Stop everything at 4:30 pm and enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea.
… Read more

scarcely creating


What form of scarcity keeps you from creating? Do you negotiate yourself out of time? I’ll write as soon as I finish this … and this … and this. Do you assume the worst? What’s the point of even starting? I’m sure nothing will come of it. I’ll just disappoint myself. Do you bore yourself? This is the same crap I created last time. … Read more

flaw power

imperfect but lovely faces

An article I wrote about flaw power recently appeared on life by me, a website about exploring and sharing what’s meaningful. Here’s how the article starts: When I was two, I wouldn’t go anywhere if my socks were wrinkled up inside my shoes, so Mom took my shoes on and off, trying to smooth those wrinkles. … Also, a free recording of the Monday call, “Birthing a Book with Grace,” is now available. … Read more