caring for challenges and dreams with a buddy


When the doorbell rings, the apples for the apple crisp have been cut, the kitchen table has been cleared and cleaned, and the radiator is sending up cozy waves of warmth. My friend Annabel and I are trying something new today. We’re using each other’s company to … Read more

how to know what to do

a mini-golf moment

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a grown-up. I assumed that, as an adult, I’d get to do amazing things – like go sailing and write books and have my own art studio – but mainly, I’d have what I imagined to be the warm, powerful feeling of knowing what to do to make big, grown-up things happen. … Imagine my surprise to find … Read more

the company chart

company chart - ceo

Who do you talk to when your business has a primary staff of one? If you’re like me, you talk to friends who are entrepreneurs, to family, and (frankly) to anyone who shows any interest. But, in the end, there’s still only one person making all the decisions. … So I talk to myself. … Last week, the staff meeting … Read more