powerful beliefs for writers

flower power

I use the art of writing to grow. When I grow I further master the art of writing.

Inspiration is nourishment. I notice and give attention to what feeds me.

I believe in curiosity, digging deep, thinking, and practice.

I have valuable, unique perspectives that are … Read more

lady chatterley's plover

lady chatterley's lover - cover

There we were, two bookish women, sitting around outdoors reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover. At some point, we got silly about it. No, we didn’t roll around in the pine needles reenacting scenes from the book. Instead, we pretended we were reading the book in an era where it was banned, and so needed to disguise the book’s cover. … Read more

pep talk – chin up

chin up

You can’t fly without sticking your neck out. … Read more