reading to dogs

reading to dogs

How can you practice writing and sharing what you write without feeling judged? How can you be more comfortable with writing badly while you learn? It helps to read what you’ve written aloud to a non-judgmental audience. … Read more

defending stupid


I was minding my own business recently when someone close to me called me stupid. I’d lapsed into ignorance, slipped up, made a mistake, forgotten something important – because I’d been distracted by something more interesting. I’d chosen wonder over logic. Choosing wonder over logic can make us seem stupid. So what? … Read more

writing without words

arrow on road

When we can’t find the right words, sometimes it’s best to stop looking for them and focus on the thought instead. Words want to find you. Give them something solid to stand on. … Read more

directionless is not pointless

direction signs

The whole point of creativity is to venture off the known map, so a project that wanders is not necessarily worthless or going nowhere. If there’s excitement, it’s right on track. … Read more