scratch the surface

an outdoor market in france

How much about your life are you willing to question? Assumptions aren’t nearly as important as the things you can create by letting them go. … Read more

bumping into paradigms

fellow pedestrians

The deeper the paradigm, the harder it is to shift. Curiosity miraculously dismantles dangerous assumptions and false expectations. Even fools can’t withstand curiosity’s power. … Read more

a regular table

a regular table

A Stammtisch is a table in a restaurant, pub, or cafe that’s reserved for a group’s regularly scheduled meeting. Pick a theme, a frequency, and a location then invite the people you’d like to join you. … Read more

ode to the saint of eyeballs

st. ottilien restaurant tree

Near Freiburg, Germany – St. Ottilien is the patron saint of good eyesight, without which reading and writing — two great loves of my life — would be much more challenging. I’m captivated by her hideout near Freiburg, Germany. … Read more

let's pretend

let's pretend

Pretending keeps the passageway between conscious and subconscious alive and thrumming, open and more available when you need it. The muse adores pretending. … Read more

new friends

Samantha Reynolds

A friend of mine, Samantha Reynolds, has written a poem every day for more than a year now as a way of being present during her son’s first year. When she recently re-launched her website,, she invited me to write a guest poem. … Read more

eleven words

Feldberg, Germany

On my last day of months of intensive German classes, we learned about Elfchens. No, not a race of small elves, but a type of poem consisting of eleven words in a specific format of words per line: one, two, three, four, and one word per line, in that order. … Read more

black forest beauties

black forest beauties

Titisee, Black Forest, Germany – Up in the mountains above where we live in Freiburg, in the little village of Titisee, there’s a booth with a professional photographer who’ll take your photo in traditional Black Forest costume. Like the dorks we are, we went for it. … Read more