you must be joking

castle wall near emmendingen, germany

I wish my psyche had a benevolent dictator. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Just don’t make me sort through all the options and decide what’s important and what’s not, how to prioritize, what to say or not say, what to write and how to write it. Every choice matters, and all these choices add up to my life. … Choices might be simpler to make if … Read more

reasons to be buoyant

the lake at charlottenberg, berlin

Your ancestors lived long enough to create you.
You come from a long line of people who had sex.
You’re still breathing.
You love someone or something.
Language allows us to communicate.
Someone is … Read more

what if writing was a spectator sport?


[ANNOUNCER] Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to today’s qualifying round in the 26th Annual Open-Air Writing Tournament. On this beautiful day, all but the most cautious of contestants will leave their rain gear behind as they set out to test their limits. Here come the 20 hopefuls! By the end of … Read more

let's pretend

let's pretend

Pretending keeps the passageway between conscious and subconscious alive and thrumming, open and more available when you need it. The muse adores pretending. … Read more