reading to dogs

reading to dogs

How can you practice writing and sharing what you write without feeling judged? How can you be more comfortable with writing badly while you learn? It helps to read what you’ve written aloud to a non-judgmental audience. … Read more

how to reinvent yourself

walking into the unknown

Big changes involve reinvention at a deep level. In such times, you enter a world of unfamiliarity and shifting sands, where the map is missing the “You Are Here” dot. What can make the process of reinvention easier? … Read more

dying words

Mr. Rogers - Talking Card

Lake Junaluska, North Carolina – In two different parts of the country, both of my parents are flirting with death. As I reach out with both hands for something – anything – to give me solace and strength in this double whammy time, over and over again, words save me. … Read more