burning morning pages


I have a new friend, Alex, who lives in Berlin. We met through a Barbara Sher connection (she wrote the remarkable book Wishcraft), which gave us initial common ground, but then we discovered that we’re both writers. I love talking with Alex because of his willingness to … Read more

writing with truth serum

"They want me to get marry."

I found a short story on the street here in Germany the other day, handwritten on both sides of a sheet of graph paper. As with other compelling stories, not all questions raised are answered, and the issues explored reach the … Read more

creative play group starter kit

different trees - grace kerina

For almost a year three friends and I have met once a month to play creatively together. Creativity has comfortably and easily turned acquaintances into pals and revealed possibilities that stretch beyond our times together. … We often remark on how the good vibes from our get-togethers last for days afterwards, and we’ve noticed a cumulative effect of being inspired toward … Read more

scarcely creating


What form of scarcity keeps you from creating? Do you negotiate yourself out of time? I’ll write as soon as I finish this … and this … and this. Do you assume the worst? What’s the point of even starting? I’m sure nothing will come of it. I’ll just disappoint myself. Do you bore yourself? This is the same crap I created last time. … Read more

it's all been said

restaurant in alsace, france

What’s the point of writing anything? Hasn’t everything (and then some) already been said? Go ahead, think of something you want to write about and then search for it on Google. How many zeros are there in the number of results that came up? This could be depressing. … But it’s not. … … Read more

open or closed?


Mom and I often talked about passion – while driving cross-country through the southern U.S., while sitting in her tiny living room (decorated in purples and reds) when she lived near me for a while in Vancouver, many times on the phone. She yearned for passion, but it continued to elude her. Then she died. … Mom’s activities would fool you into thinking she was passionate. For example, … Read more

lady chatterley's plover

lady chatterley's lover - cover

There we were, two bookish women, sitting around outdoors reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover. At some point, we got silly about it. No, we didn’t roll around in the pine needles reenacting scenes from the book. Instead, we pretended we were reading the book in an era where it was banned, and so needed to disguise the book’s cover. … Read more

threshold guardians

red doorway

Don’t let others dictate the worthiness of your challenge. Whatever your challenge looks like, it’s yours, as are your Threshold Guardians. These two tools can help you get past them. … Read more

risking exposure


We exclude people from our personal lives to be safe or as a habit. Try giving the habit some time off, as an experiment in calculated risk, to shake things up and bring surprising connections. … Read more

trial and error terror

trial and error terror

To make something you really like, something with legs, something with a life of its own, you’re going to have to fail. Get used to it. When you befriend the process of trying and failing until you succeed, you win. … Read more