caring for challenges and dreams with a buddy


When the doorbell rings, the apples for the apple crisp have been cut, the kitchen table has been cleared and cleaned, and the radiator is sending up cozy waves of warmth. My friend Annabel and I are trying something new today. We’re using each other’s company to … Read more

good news | transformative language arts

The Power of Words: A Transformative Language Arts Reader

Even the name of this concept and calling makes me swoon with joy and recognition: Transformative Language Arts (TLA). TLA is about the deliberate use of words for transformation. Written, spoken, or sung words for positive personal and social change. This is good news. … Developed by Goddard College professor Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, TLA acknowledges and proclaims … Read more

creative play group starter kit

different trees - grace kerina

For almost a year three friends and I have met once a month to play creatively together. Creativity has comfortably and easily turned acquaintances into pals and revealed possibilities that stretch beyond our times together. … We often remark on how the good vibes from our get-togethers last for days afterwards, and we’ve noticed a cumulative effect of being inspired toward … Read more

our future together

ripples on a pond

Imagine a society that values, above all, your willingness to be yourself. After much research and observation, this society has proven that the biggest boon to society as a whole comes when individuals get happy. So society pays you to … Read more

on the same page book club

on the same page book club: daring greatly

Three life coaches are doing a book club online in an interesting format: Every Monday one of them writes a post about a chapter of the current book and they invite others to join in with reading and commenting. The coaches are … Read more

trading memories

firetruck memories in a doorway in basel

Imagine sitting around a campfire at the edge of a village of tents. We stare into the fire, following the flames, breathing slowly. Once in a while, someone will stand up to nudge a log further into the heat. After the sun has fully set, a voice speaks into the fire. It’s one of us, we who are sitting here together, and yet in the dim, flickering light of the fire, … Read more

gathering reasons

play group art

A while ago, I wrote an article about the benefits of creating and enquiring in a group. Soon afterwards, an acquaintance here in Germany invited me to participate in a small group she was putting together to explore creativity on a regular basis. We call it … Read more

risking exposure


We exclude people from our personal lives to be safe or as a habit. Try giving the habit some time off, as an experiment in calculated risk, to shake things up and bring surprising connections. … Read more

a regular table

a regular table

A Stammtisch is a table in a restaurant, pub, or cafe that’s reserved for a group’s regularly scheduled meeting. Pick a theme, a frequency, and a location then invite the people you’d like to join you. … Read more

collaboration vibration

Fasching parade in southwestern Germany 2012

What happens when we enquire together is different from what happens when we enquire alone. Not better or worse, but definitely different. There’s a vibe, like tuning forks in synch, when we go in the same direction side by side. … Read more