trading push for pull

An article I’ve written about decision fatigue and going on vacation without leaving home, among other things, was published recently on Maria Hill’s HSP Health website. … Read more

free-range writing lessons

blocks buster e-course

I’m pleased to offer a new 12-week e-course. Blocks Buster free-range writing lessons are like weekly play dates with the part of you that knows what you need in order to write more, write more confidently, and write as your true self. See the … Read more

writing with truth serum

"They want me to get marry."

I found a short story on the street here in Germany the other day, handwritten on both sides of a sheet of graph paper. As with other compelling stories, not all questions raised are answered, and the issues explored reach the … Read more

Tell It Again


You know that feeling when you’re talking with someone and you say something you wish you hadn’t? I do. I can’t always organize my thoughts and feelings quickly enough to meet the demands of a conversation, especially an important conversation that triggers my emotions. … Read more

powerful beliefs for writers

flower power

I use the art of writing to grow. When I grow I further master the art of writing.

Inspiration is nourishment. I notice and give attention to what feeds me.

I believe in curiosity, digging deep, thinking, and practice.

I have valuable, unique perspectives that are … Read more

our future together

ripples on a pond

Imagine a society that values, above all, your willingness to be yourself. After much research and observation, this society has proven that the biggest boon to society as a whole comes when individuals get happy. So society pays you to … Read more

on the same page book club

on the same page book club: daring greatly

Three life coaches are doing a book club online in an interesting format: Every Monday one of them writes a post about a chapter of the current book and they invite others to join in with reading and commenting. The coaches are … Read more

flaw power

imperfect but lovely faces

An article I wrote about flaw power recently appeared on life by me, a website about exploring and sharing what’s meaningful. Here’s how the article starts: When I was two, I wouldn’t go anywhere if my socks were wrinkled up inside my shoes, so Mom took my shoes on and off, trying to smooth those wrinkles. … Also, a free recording of the Monday call, “Birthing a Book with Grace,” is now available. … Read more

logic takes a hike

Gladys Ariel Akenhead, Grace's grandmother

One of the big reasons I love art and words and creativity and writing is that they’re enchanted. They’re effective to a degree that goes way beyond the kind of logic that steps from A to B to C. Creations are like secret decoder rings, giving us access to the infinity of the mind, which goes way beyond anything limited by time and physicality. What’s your answer if I ask you … Read more

join us on a free call

Birthing a Book with Writer’s Shepherd Grace Kerina

Book authors Sarah Seidelmann and Katie McClain will share about the process of taking a book from dream to actual completion and how Grace helped. Grace will share some tips and ideas, and we’ll have an opportunity for Q and A.

Monday, April 29, at 10 a.m. Central Time

Call 1-605-475-4000; participant access code: 892342#

… Read more