what i've learned from living in more than 80 places

flying to germany

1. Even the biggest moves are accomplished bit by bit. I’ve lived in more than 14 states. I’ve emigrated. Twice. Including overseas. Every move got done one step at a time.
2. Distance is of no consequence to the heart. My dearest friends live all over the world. We have active current relationships. Physical presence is wonderful, but not … Read more

on the same page book club

on the same page book club: daring greatly

Three life coaches are doing a book club online in an interesting format: Every Monday one of them writes a post about a chapter of the current book and they invite others to join in with reading and commenting. The coaches are … Read more

if you stick a nettle up your nose

nettles on the right

Years ago, my then-boyfriend and I went on a hike on the west coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. He’d never laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean, so off we went to take a look. Along the way, I stuck a nettle up my nose. … Well, yes, it did hurt. A lot. It was an honest amateur botanist’s mistake – or so I tell myself, even though I have a degree that included spending a fair number of hours … Read more

trading memories

firetruck memories in a doorway in basel

Imagine sitting around a campfire at the edge of a village of tents. We stare into the fire, following the flames, breathing slowly. Once in a while, someone will stand up to nudge a log further into the heat. After the sun has fully set, a voice speaks into the fire. It’s one of us, we who are sitting here together, and yet in the dim, flickering light of the fire, … Read more

how to persist

a road sign in a bush

1. Stand still while the world changes.
2. Stop thinking with your mind.
3. Invite your pals to a barnraising.
4. Slow down.
5. Feel your feelings.
6. Stop everything at 4:30 pm and enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea.
… Read more

katie mcclain's teacher tribute

katie mcclain

Katie, what’s a story about someone who taught or encouraged you to write (or create) in your own way? I’m surprised to say that the person who encouraged me to create is my mom. Why am I surprised? Well, she often told me I could do or be anything when I grew up, but I never realized before … Read more

scarcely creating


What form of scarcity keeps you from creating? Do you negotiate yourself out of time? I’ll write as soon as I finish this … and this … and this. Do you assume the worst? What’s the point of even starting? I’m sure nothing will come of it. I’ll just disappoint myself. Do you bore yourself? This is the same crap I created last time. … Read more

flaw power

imperfect but lovely faces

An article I wrote about flaw power recently appeared on life by me, a website about exploring and sharing what’s meaningful. Here’s how the article starts: When I was two, I wouldn’t go anywhere if my socks were wrinkled up inside my shoes, so Mom took my shoes on and off, trying to smooth those wrinkles. … Also, a free recording of the Monday call, “Birthing a Book with Grace,” is now available. … Read more

you must be joking

castle wall near emmendingen, germany

I wish my psyche had a benevolent dictator. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Just don’t make me sort through all the options and decide what’s important and what’s not, how to prioritize, what to say or not say, what to write and how to write it. Every choice matters, and all these choices add up to my life. … Choices might be simpler to make if … Read more

sarah seidelmann's teacher tribute

Sarah Seidelmann

Sarah, what’s a story about someone who encouraged or taught you to write (or create) in your own way? Perhaps not surprisingly, it was a gaggle of free-spirited nuns at a summer day camp I went to called “The Barn” when I was 11. Those kind, low-key, spiritually minded women simply invited us to … Read more