powerful beliefs for writers

flower power

I use the art of writing to grow. When I grow I further master the art of writing.

Inspiration is nourishment. I notice and give attention to what feeds me.

I believe in curiosity, digging deep, thinking, and practice.

I have valuable, unique perspectives that are … Read more

good news | transformative language arts

The Power of Words: A Transformative Language Arts Reader

Even the name of this concept and calling makes me swoon with joy and recognition: Transformative Language Arts (TLA). TLA is about the deliberate use of words for transformation. Written, spoken, or sung words for positive personal and social change. This is good news. … Developed by Goddard College professor Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, TLA acknowledges and proclaims … Read more

how to know what to do

a mini-golf moment

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a grown-up. I assumed that, as an adult, I’d get to do amazing things – like go sailing and write books and have my own art studio – but mainly, I’d have what I imagined to be the warm, powerful feeling of knowing what to do to make big, grown-up things happen. … Imagine my surprise to find … Read more

the company chart

company chart - ceo

Who do you talk to when your business has a primary staff of one? If you’re like me, you talk to friends who are entrepreneurs, to family, and (frankly) to anyone who shows any interest. But, in the end, there’s still only one person making all the decisions. … So I talk to myself. … Last week, the staff meeting … Read more

inspire-share-inspire cycle survey results

yoyos at a market stall

Tuesday’s article about the inspire-share-inspire cycle included a short survey. I wanted to know more about what you’re up to and where you go when you ride that cycle. The survey responses illuminated and charmed me by … Read more

riding the inspire-share-inspire cycle

colourful yoyos at a market stall

After switching my college major from art to science I had a lot of catching up to do, like learning how to spelling fluoride correctly and trying to understand chemistry. By my third try at Chemistry 101, its new language started to make sense. Sort of. My brow furrowed in concentration over the textbook filled with symbols and math. … When I finally passed the class, I was shocked to … Read more

church on the front porch

a nice place for a church

Dad and I often talk on the phone, getting into some surprisingly deep topics, like love and war and religion. (Whew!) He inspires me more and more as time goes on. … Dad lives in rural Oklahoma and turned 80 this year, but he continues to blow my mind. He’s got a Facebook page … And he goes to church on the front porch … Read more

creative play group starter kit

different trees - grace kerina

For almost a year three friends and I have met once a month to play creatively together. Creativity has comfortably and easily turned acquaintances into pals and revealed possibilities that stretch beyond our times together. … We often remark on how the good vibes from our get-togethers last for days afterwards, and we’ve noticed a cumulative effect of being inspired toward … Read more

journey journal | airport

plane seat view

Friday, May 3 … 5:01 a.m. For the first time in my life, I leap out of bed before 8 a.m. I’m picking up my best friend at the airport today! Andrea’s been flying all night to get from Washington State to Frankfurt, Germany, where I’ll meet her in a few hours, after … Read more

our future together

ripples on a pond

Imagine a society that values, above all, your willingness to be yourself. After much research and observation, this society has proven that the biggest boon to society as a whole comes when individuals get happy. So society pays you to … Read more