about grace kerina

writing and teaching

I’ve been involved with writing for a long time, since before I taught my little brother to read, since my grade-school teacher invited us to write stories, since starting two blogs, and many other sinces. Years ago, it dawned on me that I could help others love their own way of writing. I do that in part through my work as a senior managing editor at The Author Incubator.


travel and moving

I grew up in the southern U.S. We moved so often that by the age of 15 I’d attended 15 different schools. I learned a lot about adapting and about appreciating different cultures. By now I’ve lived in more than 80 places, in three countries and on two continents. Most recently, I spent three years in the beautiful southwestern corner of Germany, but have now returned to the American South, where I grew up.


art and science

At university, I started out as an art major but graduated with a science degree. My left-right balanced brain makes me good at explaining concepts to different kinds of people. I’ve created and sold my own art and I’ve also worked as a bookkeeper. I still create, on my own and with others, in various formats, including photography. And I still enjoy explaining things.



“Grace, you have an absolutely wonderful brain.
That it attaches itself to your hand that types out
perfect morsels of writing is such a gift for the rest of us.
And I just love talking to you. Makes my brain all tingly.”
Samantha Reynolds, founder of Echo Memoirs and bentlily.com