free-range writing lessons


I’m pleased to offer a new 12-week e-course.

Blocks Buster free-range writing lessons are like weekly play dates with the part of you that knows what you need in order to write more, write more confidently, and write as your true self.

See the Blocks Buster page for details about what you get, bonuses, the personalized support option, and how to enroll.


“I could do this course for 100 weeks!”
Amanda King, Personal Assistant and Curator


If you’re inspired to help spread the word about the course, it would be much appreciated.

  • You can use this easy link:
  • You could mention the course on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media.
  • You could tell your writing friends about the course.
  • I welcome suggestions for promoting the course (

Thank you!


Receiving and pondering your questions, emails, comments, and wishes about writing helps me find ways to help you. Thank you for caring about your writing life and for reaching out.

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