powerful beliefs for writers

I use the art of writing to grow. When I grow, I further master the art of writing.

I believe in curiosity, digging deep, thinking, and practice.

Inspiration is nourishment. I notice and give attention to what feeds me.

I have valuable, unique perspectives that are helpful to others.

I support others to discover and express their valuable, unique perspectives.

I have time to stop, tune in, feel, and value myself and my decisions.

The dreams I latch onto are so deeply right they provide sustenance and energy for my journey.

I love and respect the journey as much as the goal.

I acknowledge my own progress in order to increase my confidence, and because I’m the best person for that job.

I entice progress with rewards that pull me forward.

I invest in the jet-pack of friendships, starting with befriending myself.

I am willing to share. I share best when I share as my true self.


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I have a new website for my freelance writing activities: gracekerinawriter.com. It’s where I direct editors and others interested in hiring me to write. (The Hire Me page on gracekerina.com is where to find information about services for writers.)


2 comments to powerful beliefs for writers

  • Melissa Frykman-Thieme

    Thank you so much Ms.Grace, for all you do and all you write. I love this piece. It seems to be a prayer of sorts, as well as a blessing.
    I feel peaceful having read it, as well as curious, excited and soothed.
    Thank you so much, Ms.Grace!