how to persist

  1. Stand still while the world changes.
  2. Stop thinking with your mind.
  3. Invite your pals to a barnraising.
  4. Slow down.
  5. Feel your feelings.
  6. Stop everything at 4:30 pm and enjoy a piece of cake and a cup of tea.
  7. Invite a pal to go for a walk.
  8. Admit something to yourself. Then tell yourself it’s okay.
  9. Sweat. Take a shower. Go to bed.
  10. Find a funny postcard. Write on it. Mail it to yourself.
  11. Set the timer for five minutes. Do the hardest thing. Stop immediately when the timer dings.
  12. Allow a pet to sleep on top of you.
  13. Ask someone who’s not familiar with your situation what they would do.
  14. When you’re not at home, call your home number and leave an encouraging message for yourself.
  15. Scream into a pillow.
  16. Take a slow walk through town. Allow yourself to feel purposeless.
  17. Dare yourself to do the one thing you most want to do first in your day.
  18. Turn off the computer. Pick up a pen.
  19. Take bad candid photos of your family. Print them and post them on the fridge in the middle of the night.
  20. Ask a friend if you can tag along while they run their errands.
  21. Take up whittling.
  22. Do something, even if it’s wrong.
  23. Don’t do anything.
  24. Put all unfinished projects out of sight.
  25. Practice making ridiculous faces in the mirror until you make yourself laugh out loud.
  26. When you’re at home, take off your bra or your tie.
  27. Above all, tell yourself the truth. Start with “I want ______ right now.” No one else has to know.


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