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Sarah, what’s a story about someone who taught or encouraged you to write (or create) in your own way?

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was a gaggle of free-spirited nuns at a summer day camp I went to called The Barn when I was 11. Those kind, low-key, spiritually minded women simply invited us to make poetry – however we could. It was delightful. There was no judgment and there was little evaluation (that I recall, anyway). We wrote poetry that we embellished with art. We did lots of haiku. Except for the discipline of the haiku format, we were just creating without rules.

Mostly, we wrote in the shade of a grove of old trees, or, sometimes, when the weather was inclement, in an old convent. The nuns typed up our finished pieces for us. In that way, they gave me my first taste of being “published.” It was so thrilling to see my words typed up along with the art I drew to accompany them. (I still have some!) It looked so official. I was bursting.

I learned to write just for the joy of writing – not to please others, but to please myself. The nuns taught me to do that in a very sneaky way, by mostly saying very little and giving us the time and space to work.

That experience taught me to remember that, primarily, I write for me. This helps me relax. If I’m enjoying the process, that’s all that matters. I forget about the reader, at first. This is very helpful for creating first drafts. It’s sweet icing on the book-cake when my writing touches someone else, too. 

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Sarah Bamford Seidelmann is a fourth-generation physician turned shamanic healer and life coach. Her most recent book is Born to FREAK: A Salty Primer for Irrepressible Humans. Her first book, What the Walrus Knows, is getting rave reviews on Amazon, as is the What the Walrus Knows app, available at iTunes. Sarah lives with her husband and four children near the shores of Lake Superior.

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birthing a book with the writer’s shepherd 

On a free call on Monday, book authors Sarah Seidelmann and Katie McClain will share about the process of taking a book from dream to actual completion, and how my shepherding helped. Tips and Q and A included.  

April 29th at 10 AM Central Time
Call 1-605-475-4000; participant access code: 892342#

UPDATE: You can listen to a recording of the call for free. Click here to download the MP3 file. The call covered writing in general, in addition to writing a book.


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