purposefully undefined

I once asked a friend of mine, artist Donna Romero, “How are you?” After a long pause she answered, “I’m very in between the trapezes right now.”

Though transitions, passages, holding patterns, time-outs, and in-betweens are part of metamorphosis, they can sometimes be difficult to define in a way that makes sense to us, much less to others.

Sometimes a space is just a space. Its undefinability may be necessary. Its purpose may be to allow the undefined.

“I’m between jobs.” “I don’t know what to write.” “I haven’t figured things out.” “I don’t know.” “We’ll see.” “Hmm.”

If a trapeze is a goal or a focus or a project or a job or a label, something to hang onto that defines us or our activities, then being between trapezes may be uncomfortable, but it’s also potentially pretty interesting. Don’t freak out. Let the dictionary and all its definitions drop, like so much dead weight, and see what happens if you relax there in midair.

It’s not going to last forever, this transitional space, this hover. Take the opportunity to experience the freedom of the unknown, the lightness of emptiness, the meditation of the blank slate.

Creativity, which fires from lightning-fast synapses, mind-body-soul mysteries, and split-second connections that leap past logic, loves the vacuum of a relaxed mind. As you levitate without trying to control or define (before knowing what to write, between jobs), suspended in the midst of change, trust yourself. Allow time for formless, nameless nothingness. It might evolve you into a new life form.

You’ll know when it’s time to grab on and swing.


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