it's all been said

What’s the point of writing anything? Hasn’t everything (and then some) already been said? Go ahead, think of something you want to write about and then search for it on Google. How many zeros are there in the number of results that came up? This could be depressing.

But it’s not.

Those zeroes aren’t the story. What’s something you read recently that you really liked? No matter what it was – fiction, a blog post, a letter from your mother, a song lyric, a few words that struck your heart – you liked it because you connected with it. The person you were at that moment found something you wanted.

We’re works in process, all of us. We reach and find and change, notice a new horizon, and reach again. We fall and find inspiration in the grains of sand before our face, or close our eyes and listen for questions. We evolve, seeking more as we go. We can’t help it.

Someone, somewhere who’s evolving needs what you have to share. They’re in a spot of bother or they’re reaching out or both. They’re searching for you. You are what they need in their current moment. If you don’t trust that, you can’t help them. Decide to trust. That person, those people waiting for what you have to say need you to begin and to finish so you can let your writing loose into the world for them to find.

All those zeroes Google brings up? That’s nothing compared to the number of people out there searching. Help them.

Even if all the words you use have been used before, even if you don’t come up with phrases that will, by themselves, knock the world for a loop, what you have to share (even if it’s all questions) has not been said before. It can’t have been, because you are in this place where you are now for the first time.

That’s enough. That’s more than enough for a connection.

Write what’s true for you. Send it. Somehow.

Encourage someone to evolve. Start with you.


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7 comments to it’s all been said

  • I find myself using word combinations in ways I never thought I would now that I’m a mom. “Here, throw up in my hands!” was not something I ever imagined would come out of my mouth…

    Always evolving.

  • Jean-Pierre

    I was searching for a creative outlet and I’ve been touch by Grace in the moment of reading this post. I’ve found how to allow the unfolding of my introverted manière d’être through the resonance of my soul with it’s innate impulse to share. This message impact me with a magical timing with the truth of this love that we are and of how precious we are to one another .

    For me it’s now that I begin to write and open my heart on the paper, I want to dicover more of myself and of the world.

    Merci infiniment Grace !

    • I am so glad to read your message and to have offered somthing that’s of use to you. As a fellow introvert, I can relate to the unfolding challenge. I wish you continued inspiration for opening your heart on paper and sharing, wherever and however you find it.

  • Johanna

    Beautifully said!