tooting your own horn

“The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, which is responsible for the
global strategic maple syrup reserve ….”

Where do I begin? How about telling you that this sentence fragment quote is not fiction. It comes from an article in the Globe and Mail, the national Canadian newspaper. Next, I’ll tell you how delighted I am to live in a world that includes The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ), because they’re a great role model for taking charge of how they see themselves, and, therefore, of how the world sees them.

I’m sure FPAQ crafted their own definition of themselves and fed it to the media (in a Québécois accent): “We are responsible for the global strategic maple syrup reserve.” Why not? I mean, is anyone else claiming to be responsible for it?

Which brings me to my point: What are you willing to claim proud responsibility for? Playing around with defining it can give you a usefully focused view of what you do and want to do. As FPAQ demonstrates, what you’re responsible for can have a global scope even if there’s no worldwide competition (you don’t see much maple syrup from India, for example). So go ahead, claim responsibility for something you’re great at, something you know you’re great at. And let the world know it.

Let’s practice. I’ll start: “The Writer’s Shepherd, which is responsible for the global eradication of writer’s block ….” Well, ahem, not quite yet. So how about (for now) “Grace Kerina, who is responsible for teaching entrepreneurs how to fix their own writing owies ….” Or, even better, “Grace Kerina, who is responsible for pointing out that a shepherd’s crook often looks like a question mark ….”

What do you do that you’re proud to take responsibility for? How can you express it as a playful horn-tooting of your own special expertise?



New book: The Wayfinder Post has put out a compilation book called Openhearted and Brave, with essays by coaches and healers (including me) to inspire courage.

Vacation notice: I’ll be away from the Internet for the last two weeks in December. I wish you a fun and relaxing holiday season! (Remember that writing is a handy, do-anywhere tool for processing family get-togethers.)

4 comments to tooting your own horn

  • WOW! I didn’t even know there was a “global strategic maple syrup reserve.” WHERE is it? In a massive silo or bucket somewhere? Can I visit???? Questions abound.

    On to your question…

    “I, Andrea Ballard, am responsible for helping people find fulfillment and joy in their everyday work.”

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

  • Melissa Frykman-Thieme

    Hey Grace! Thanks for the suggestion. What will my expertise and title be, or include? Let’s see…
    “Melissa Frykman-Thieme,a Deep Life Expert, whose 35 year professional nursing expertise in caring for the dying, and whose own recent close scrapes with death have funded a deep abiding faith in life and living- now announces her continuing and evolving quality of life, even in the face of eventual death.”

    Oh, there’s so much more to include. Once one gets to 55, the accolades and attributes begin to pile up. It does, however, take devotion to ones self to get the ball rolling. Not to mention, Grace’s support and guidance.

    Happy Holy Days, Ms.Grace- to you and your sweet family, community and world.

    I hope you stop by one of these days.


    • Hey, Melissa. Do you have any plans to write something (an article? a book? a handbook?) about your interesting experiences in living and working with those deep issues? It just strikes me how much wisdom you’ve accumulated. No pressure, of course! Just curious.

      Happy 12-12-12 to you, along with wishing you and the men-folk a great holiday time.